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Reasons to Volunteer

Make a difference to the lives of others

Help others less fortunate or without a voice

Feel valued and part of a team

Gain confidence

Spend quality time away from work or a busy lifestyle

Gain new skills, knowledge and experience

Develop existing skills and knowledge

Enhance a CV

Improve one's employment prospects

Meet new people and make new friends

It’s a chance to socialise

Get to know the local community

There is lots of anecdotal evidence that volunteering has a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing


Such an inspiring bunch of people who are on an amazing journey! It’s always a privilege volunteering for ELSA and working alongside Jane and the ELSA team, but the opportunity to work with a small group of LGBTQIA+ students really jumped out at me and ended up being one of the most rewarding sessions with young people I’ve experienced.T. Smith
I just wanted to take a moment to send a huge thank you to you both for my experience on Tuesday and making me feel so welcome and comfortable. I think the work you are doing in schools is so terrifically inspiring and more importantly SO needed. This wasn’t something available to me when I was at school, but it would have been amazing to be able to benefit from it.  I hope the boys at The Hitchin Boys' School give glowing feedback to your ‘Get Ready for Work’ day! You truly deserve it.R. Williams
I only wish I could do more to work with you, it was the most work-based enjoyment I’ve had in a long time, and I got a huge amount of satisfaction out it from talking to and hopefully sharing at least one nugget of helpful information with all the students in my groups. Thank you ELSA team… a wonderful day!C. Southfield
I really enjoyed today, the informal atmosphere you create, while still managing to move a large number of people through varied activities is impressive. You make it look easy, but I know it's not! The staff were wonderful today, R was supported brilliantly throughout the day to stay engaged and on task.  I was very happy that Q engaged in conversation with me, and from there was also having a go at the interview skills, right up until we ran out of time. He was delightful to chat to and became more confident as time went on. I hope he can continue to build his confidence in such a nurturing environment, building up more positive experiences of people being supportive and kind. I'm very much enjoying the events, meeting the young people and other volunteers, and already very much looking forward to the next event with ELSA.J. Miller
My son, R, had the opportunity to volunteer with ELSA today. He attends a school for social, emotional and mental health needs and life is tough on many days. Thank you to everyone that is helping support R. He really had a good day and coped amazingly with meeting people and the hustle n bustle of moving from workshop to workshop. The people we met were all very inspiring and took time out to ensure R. was comfortable and engaged with him so he felt very much part of it all.  The boys were also very respectful towards him, so he felt comfortable to join in and even did some role play during the Settle workshop.  It was a very inspiring well organised day and a great opportunity for R. to get out there and discover different options. I am very proud he was chosen to take part. Hopefully, more Brandles boys can manage to take up the opportunity in the future.  Once again, Thank you to you all for your support and dedication and belief in R.Jo (mum)
Yesterday I spoke about alcoholism and my story to two groups of children at a Stevenage Education and Support centre (a pupil referral unit). All I can say is WOW! Some of the children have had to overcome more in their short lives than most would in 10 lifetimes. They were two of the best groups I've ever had the privilege to stand in front of. They listened intently and even asked lots of brilliant questions. It was obvious the staff have a huge passion for giving their pupils a better start to life. It shone through each and every one of them. Even though I told the kids, I don't think they realised how much them listening to me rattle on, REALLY HELPS ME! It helps me keep my head in the right place. Absolutely blown away by yesterday! I feel like someone's zapped my batteries. If you have a story to tell that could help today’s youth...I highly recommend telling it! Huge thank you to JANE SHIPLEY from ELSA Next Generation for inviting me and for all the amazing work you do!T. Winston https://recoveryboy.blog