Are you looking to enhance your school’s careers provision? ELSA works with all young people in mainstream and specialist education, delivering bespoke programmes which aim to encourage debate, discussion, honesty and raise their aspirations for the future. ELSA’s programmes provide a unique opportunity for young people to develop the transferable skills required by today’s employers, ultimately becoming ‘Work Ready’.

The flexibility of our programmes ensures that we can engage and inspire all young people, regardless of their individual needs and diverse backgrounds. All of our programmes align to the current Gatsby Benchmarks for outstanding careers education.

The programmes currently offered include:

Be Bold for Change

Get Work Ready

Connect, Commit, Empower

Discover, Believe, Become

Every Bite Counts

Take A Young Person to Work

I am Proud

Understanding British Values


We want to ensure that each child has access to ELSA and educational workshops and programmes, particularly ensuring they are ‘Work Ready’. The whole ‘Get Work Ready project’ you now offer has grown along with the needs of the children. It is quite unique in that the composition you offer is a great way of making a smoother transition in to work experience and employment, as it desensitises the anxiety of meeting new people and going to new places by experiencing this initial opportunity with their link worker at the residential. A good way to prepare WEX and employment opportunities in the future.D. Laurie - Specialist Education Advisor for Looked After Children, Hertfordshire Virtual Schools
To have another lovely account of boys developing and progressing is a great end to the week. Thank you so much for all that you do.  You really do make a difference. This year is proving to be extremely successful. We have found many work experience places for pupils, from the partnership work with Jane and ELSA Next Generation. This has allowed many pupils to flourish and develop new skills, as well as having positive memories along the way, enhancing their self-esteem and confidence.David Pearce - Head Teacher, Brandles School, BaldockA secondary school that specialises in catering for boys with emotional, behavioural and mental health needs.
We work with the most challenging and vulnerable young people who often believe that they won’t ever be able to achieve anything with their lives. What ELSA does is provide them with hope and raise their aspirations.AM. O’Sullivan - Deputy Head, Stevenage Education Support CentreA Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Centre providing education for young people who are permanently excluded or at risk of exclusion from their mainstream school.
Thank you again and again for all these amazing opportunities that the students are experiencing it really is making a difference.  I have been reading through the testimonials from the people who attended your careers day, and I have heard SO much about it, from staff, students, and families, where students have gone home buzzing about it and talked it through with their parents/carers. It's had a HUGE impact and thank you so much for organising it with. I'm really grateful to you both.C. Taylor - Exec. Head, Red Balloon Learner Centre - NW LondonA secondary age learning environment for children who have self-excluded from mainstream school due to bullying, trauma or mental health issues.
What an inspirational day with a real buzz everywhere!  The students engaged the whole day and the feedback from the companies was how well they performed in the real career exercises they undertook - a fantastic preparation for their life beyond Knightsfield.L. Carter- Chair of Trustees, Knightsfield School, WGCA specialist provision offering an auditory oral approach to learning for deaf students in Years 6-13; some students also have additional needs.
The ELSA event allowed us to achieve in a single day a range of learning outcomes that it would otherwise have taken several weeks for us to have delivered in lesson time.W. Abel - Head of Sixth Form, Freman College, Buntingford.
We have been working with ELSA for a number of extremely successful years and Jane and her team have provided top quality Career Education provision and encounters with employers and employees. The ELSA team plan in detail and incorporate the latest Careers Education thinking and government requirements. Moreover, the uniqueness of the ELSA programmes is based on Jane's use of volunteers who come from Business to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with the students and open a window for our young people so the students can see career opportunities that may be theirs in the future. ELSA also offers direct links between students and business that foster work experience and taster events that are so vital for a student's understanding of what the world of work is like. From the employer's and school point of view the ELSA programmes and support very definitely offer a chance to link schools with employers so that each party can better understand the needs of the other.A. Whittle - Head of Careers Coordination, Hitchin Girls’ School, Hitchin
The day was a huge success from a school point of view. All students were able to access insightful and valuable information that will prepare them for future employment. They were able to increase their confidence by discussing interview tips, CV writing skills and were part of engaging team building activities. A huge thank you to all who made the day so successful.S. Hesling - Head of Yr.11, Chancellor’s School, Brookmans Park,
Jane and the other staff at ELSA have been fundamental in the development and delivery of careers advice and guidance in our school. They have allowed students to interact with numerous local, national and international employers, which have developed many important skills needed to progress in the world of work including working as a team, thinking outside the box, interview techniques and the confidence to speak positively about themselves. The innovative way the sessions are produced engage and enthuse the students. From designing their own sandwich to be sold in a local sandwich shop in year 7 to our LGBTQ+ students delivering an inset session to the staff, our students are being exposed to activities and situations that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to if we were not working with Jane and her team. Jane’s drive to ensure every student has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves and to develop the skills they will need to succeed is unparalleled and infectious.  We thank her for all that she does and look forward to new and exciting projects in the future!S. Emler - Careers Lead, The Priory School, Hitchin
We have many outside speakers at Barnwell, many good, but none who have commanded a year group in the way that S has today. I have had so many positive comments from staff and students who were truly moved by what they heard. I feel the learning points were very clear to the students. Thank you for providing us with this wonderful opportunity.R. Latta - Head of Pastoral Support, Barnwell School
Sophie. Listening to your story just made me think about my own experience. I have lived with domestic abuse for many years, and know I need to make changes to ensure I survive. I have been isolated from family and friends and you have spurred me on to leave her.Teacher, anonymous