ELSA Next Generation is proud of its corporate relationships with today’s employers. Becoming a cooperate partner of ELSA would bring a guaranteed benefit to your business.

The proven advantage of working with us is not only meeting Corporate Social Responsibility Targets but our insight days allow your business to have the opportunity to showcase directly within school settings. 

Developing the possibility to attract and identify future employees, increasing awareness of apprenticeship roles and potentially developing your younger talent pool.

Benefits of working with ELSA Next Generation:

  • Showcase your industry and help develop work readiness among young people.
  • Proven benefit for your employee's mental health and wellbeing
  • Increased employee engagement and staff retention
  • Continuing professional development for your employees
  • Create a profile of corporate responsibility in your local community
  • Support your business diversity and inclusion targets
  • Enhanced brand recognition among young people, their families and educators
  • Developing your younger diverse talent pool